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Wonderful World of Chocolate
Cold Weather? Hot Chocolate! 
28th-Jan-2007 11:13 am
Although it hasn't been as awfully cold as Januaries usually are in St. Louis, it's still pretty brisk outside - which puts me in the mood for hot chocolate. Traditionally a powdered concoction comes to mind, although there are many ways to have hot drinking chocolate. Here are a few options that run circles around Swiss Miss:
Classic and Chili Pepper (Peperoncino) blends by L'Artigiano - for a rich Italian chocolate experience, with or without an extra chili pepper kick!
Organic Hot Cocoa Mix by Green & Black's - the familiarity and level of quality you expect from G&B's, this time in a mug.
Hot Cocoa Mix and Snobinettes from the Neuhaus Cuisine collection
The Snobinette is a popular Neuhaus chocolate indulgence offered here on a set of eight elegant drink stirrers that allow you to transform an ordinary cup of hot milk (or coffee?) into something a bit more posh - perhaps you should drink it with your pinky up. A great idea for a party or gathering because each "Snobby" is a single serving that can be swirled to taste by each of your friends or family members.
29th-Jan-2007 04:01 pm (UTC)
Green and Black also does a hot chocolate version of their wonderous "Maya Gold" bar, graced with orange zest and spices. OH my.
31st-Jan-2007 03:56 pm (UTC)
Awesome - I wasn't aware of that. It seems like there are quite a lot of spiced chocolate options out there, but the Green & Black's is probably one of few that adds orange to the spice blend, which I also find fantastic. Thanks for the heads up!
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